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A search for a long-lost story
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I'm looking for a story from at least 3 years ago, possibly longer. In it, a man visits a woman's house (I think it was to fix her computer), and notices her teenaged daughter who is in diapers. The story describes how the daughter's diapering is "punishment" for her delinquency, and she has been wearing them for so long now that she has lost her toilet training. The man then becomes another daughter for the woman, is placed in diapers, and loses his toilet training as well. I have no idea where I read this story, who the author was, what the title was, or the names of the characters. I realize this is a long shot, but does anyone remember a story like this?
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Princess Jaina
Wow, sounds exactly like the kind of story I'd love!  Keep your fingers crossed, I guess.  Maybe somebody will remember something...
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