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Wearing sissy things in public.
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Hey. Many of us would love to be able to be sissy all the time, but for some of us, that isn't possible. It's always nice to have little sissy "secrets." Wearing bras and/or panties underneath more mundane clothing is just one way to feel pretty, but what other things can a sissy girl do to feel feminine without the whole world knowing?

Thank you, in advance  
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Shaving all body hair, depending on your usual attire can work. Painting your toenails is also something pretty sissy. You could always wear a pink ribbon or bow around your clitty. Sit to pee.

Personally, I am currently wearing a chastity belt, and I am looking for other similar things, so any further suggestions would be great for me too!

If you haven't shaved your pubies, these little baby hairclips will remind you all day long what a little sissy you've turned into! Pacifiers are so cute and have so many uses! Then there is always the tampon with that delightful little string!
Hmmm, I might just try the tampon idea later this week.
a buttplug is great. put a tight thong over it and you wont have to worry about it going anywhere all day. the best part is how you can feel move back and forth as you walk.(i LOVE that feeling!) no one will ever be able to tell its there.

another thing you could try is shaving your pubic hair into a cute design like a heart or a star. also i like robyn's idea about put cute clips on them. i'll have to try that.
i am brittany her royal puffiness!!!

im officially in love with the color pink.

*hugs and kisses for all*
That such a cute idea. OMG I am going to do that next time I shave. usually the most I do is shave ALL my Ugly body hair, paint my nails and wear a pretty thong whereever I go. Wish I had the courage to wear abra daily in pubic, but you better belive at home all I wear is my favorite bra and panties, favorite tank top, and above else my SUPER COOL PINK YOGA PANTS!!!!!! 
I like to wear the girly goodnights (pull ups) they are not thick as normal dipers fits most peeps that are small and you can realy wet em good too if like. I wear em and use em all the time. My co workers think I have a bladder of steel lol. BIG HUGS!!!!
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