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How I started wearing schoolgirl uniform
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I can't remember when I first got so interested in schoolgirl uniforms.

Maybe it was always within me. Maybe it was after I found it so difficult to make friends with girls my own age. Maybe it was when I looked on from afar at how wonderful I found the girls' little pleated skirts, with the thrill of a possible glimpse of their knickers.

However it was, when I found myself having Wednesday afternoons off and being home on my own, I couldn't help myself but venture into my little sister's room and explore her clothes.
It didn't take long before I found her knicker drawer. Amongst the frillies and plain cotton knickers I soon found what I was looking for - her gym knickers.
I held the bottle green nylon knickers up against myself, and knew I had to try them on. I went back to my room and stripped naked. Then I went back into her room and grasped her gym knickers.
The feeling of putting them on was exquisite. Next I put on one of her aertex blouses, and finally I found her spare gym skirt. It was very short, pleated, and I felt a wave of pleasure sweep over me as I fastened it round my waist.
I pranced around her room, delighting in how 'my' knickers were revealed when I bent over.
I found a pair of her white knee length socks and put them on too. I felt SO girly.
Then I went and sat at my desk doing my homework, pretending to be a little schoolgirl.
I knew my mother would be home at five o'clock, so at four thirty I reluctantly took off my sister's clothes and put them back where I'd found them.
With my heart in my mouth I waited until my mother and sister got home. But they didn't notice anything amiss, and I was delighted to have got away with dressing as a little schoolgirl.
I couldn't wait until the following Wednesday...
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Baby Butch
Nice introduction story about schoolgirl desires. Many have similar stories to tell from their childhood. My sisters went to public school and did not have uniforms. Welcome to Sissy Kiss!
Ickle Baby Rob
Thank you!
That must have been so frustrating having sisters but them not having a uniform for you to try on! I loved my sister's uniform, especially as she was younger than me, so it was all somewhat tight and/or short.
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