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Well, I don't really know where I am going with this post, except that I'm a new user here and thought I should say hi to everyone :)

Since joining and looking through a few posts, the site seems very adult-baby/infant oriented. This is something I have never really seen a great deal of before now and seems very different and quite an interesting lifestyle. I first heard about sissykiss from being on FetLife being a member of a few sissy/cd groups and wasn't really sure what to expect.

For me, I'm not really sure where I really belong, I'm very unsure about many aspects of my sexuality. My first experiences with crossdressing came in my teens, mostly my girlfriends idea of having fun - dressing me up in her nightie and make-up for a bit of fun. Mostly part of the humiliation type play that she really loved, although I never found it humiliating as much as a turn on.

It was something I forgot about a lot after that relationship ended, although a few years later while being single again I found myself turned on a great deal by cross dressing, started building up a small collection of girly clothes. My current girlfriend knows, although it is something we are yet to really explore or be overly open about. I've never tried for the more sexually alluring fem clothing, more teen/twenties fashion, girls jeans, panties with silly logos, kind of everyday girls clothing. I did dress up in a skirt and top while at The London Fetish Weekend with a friend a couple of years ago so I guess I could fit in as a more teeny-girl than a baby here ;)

I have never thought about a girly name or anything, although often wanted to. I have thought about using my sisters name, as she is someone who has always been a strong inspiration in my life and someone I have always deeply cared about. It's this uncertainty that made me choose the quite generic username I have chosen, keeping it non-gender specific while saying a little about me. I suppose the three things it does say is my age, born in 1983, that I enjoy being barefoot a great deal and not as obviously I guess, but I've had a huge thing for feet longer than I can remember, even since I was a kid so that's why the name was chosen.

I'll leave it at that, as I said, I wasn't really sure which direction this post would take, but wanted to say hi to everyone around :)

-huggles to all-
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Hi, and Welcome to Sissykiss:-)
What about a contest to find a girly name for you??
Its all about the humiliation
Baby Butch
Welcome to Sissy Kiss from a big baby.

Hello Barefoot!

Its great welcoming new people such as yourself. I enjoy helping to grow our world-wide, on-line sissy and transgender community.

The desire to cross-dress is something you never outgrow. I've heard of cases where guys will "purge" and then buy feminine clothes (panties, skirts, dresses, stockings, high heeled shoes) all over again, sometimes repeating the purge cycle three times before they finally accept their feminine feelings. Whether you like being a teen girl or toddler girl or adult female, here you'll find acceptance. So, welcome to our club!

Curtsies in the best young girl tradition,

Diapers and adult babies are a big theme here, but the one thing nearly everyone has in common is an expression of their feminine side here. OR for many, just who they really are. :) The site is bigger than you think and you'll find a ton of girls here that like to be your age mentally. My favorite persona, if you could tell by my title lol, it a school girl. Diapers are optional, depends who I play with. ;) But I have lots of favorite personas and the fun part is finding other ladies around here that are into what you like.

Feel free to message and friend me for some girly chat if you'd like!
~To be a girl is to be honest and expressive of your emotions. To wear diapers shows comfort in your body and trust in another~
I like to play Would You Rather and Dress Up, so come play with me in the games section. ^_^
*Formerly tutu49*
Nice to meet you! I'm more of just a girly crossdresser myself and it's something I've only ever done by myself too, but it's such a thrill and I love the feeling, maybe we could chat some time hehe.

hope you enjoy it here xx

Thanks for all the warm welcomes :)

I quite like the idea of a contest for a girly-name, although I also think this will be something that naturally occurs when the time is right. A lot of things will depend on how open my girlfriend becomes to things, she's still very... Unsure about a lot of things sexually.
Hello from SissyJJ too!
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Hello from SissyNameless!
Hugs and kisses!
At first, when I red "Huggies" I thought you meant diapers! Yes, there is a lot of sissy baby stuff on this site, which suits me fine because I'm a sissy baby myself.

But others on the site choose various older ages, so don't feel left out. See the photogenic beauties section, for example.

When choosing a name, think about what girly names you like. Which names sound good to you? Which ones look good when you write them down? Which ones feel like they suit your girly personality the best? And remember that you can always change your name later if you don't like it.

There are lists of baby names online that will give you a lot of girl's names to consider.

- Sissy Desiree
- Sissy Desiree

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