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Help me rewrite my summer of 07.
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Hey girls. Back in the summer of 07 when I was 12, I was staying with my step aunt Carrie and her two daughters (Ally 11 and Emma 10) for 2 weeks at their small two floor house in the country. During those weeks I would slip into my step cousins' rooms when they were in their above ground pool or just not there and "borrow" their panties, training bras and swimsuits. I didn’t get caught until the last day when they found the stash I had planned to slip down the laundry shoot before I left. Any all that happened was I got a stern talking to when my mom arived to pick me up. However I sometimes wish that it ended a little bit like this:

My mom pulled into the driveway around noon as I packed up the last of my things. Went to move the bed to retrieve the stash of my cousins clothes and send them down the laundry shoot, only to find them missing. Panicking a bit I grabbed my suitcase and went downstairs and out the door where my step aunt was telling my mom about what she had found behind the bed. Seeing me come out my mom asked me if it was true and I said yes.

"Well young man, what do you have to say for yourself?" My mom asked.

"Sorry I guess." I said nervously.

"Can you tell us why you took my daughters' clothes?" My step Aunt asked.

"I don't know.  I see girls clothing and I'm just filled with an urge to take them and try them on." I explained.

"What am I going to do with you?" My mom asked rhetorically.

" actually I was thinking... if you're ok with it... maybe if I spent an extended period of time dressed like a girl these urges." I said nervously.

"Hmm. That could work." Aunt Carrie said thinking about it. "If it's ok with you I would be willing to keep him here for a few more weeks and give him the full package." She said looking at my mom.

"Hmm. OK but when you come home you better have gotten rid of those urges." My mom said agreeing. 

"Alright then we'll see you in a few weeks." Carrie said as my mom took my suitcase and put it in the back of her car before driving off. "Now tomorrow we'll go into town and buy you some new clothes but for now I'm sure the girls will let you borrow their clothes once we tell them of the situation. However you still need to be punished so we will be letting the girls decide what you are going to wear and you will do as they say." She said as we entered the house.
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