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After some effort, I was able to log into my old profile, so now I'm faced with the question of which I'm supposed to use since I've got 2 fully developed ones. Which would you prefer Webmissy?
-Sissy Kimi
"I sorta felt like a sissy"
Southern Belle----Poopy Princess
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~*Christie Luv*~
Hi Sissy Kimi!   Oh do you mean you are trying to decide between your old profile at in the old profile archives, and your new one at It would be good to pick the new one, and bring anything you want from the old one to the new one, because next Febraury the archives will be removed. They are simply there to help anyone save any images, blogs, etc. that they want to keep, so we can convert to the new ones.
Sissy Kimi
I can use my new one, but I was referring to my actual profile, I could not get into it until now, and developed an entirely new profile (Sissy_Kimi).
"I sorta felt like a sissy"
Southern Belle----Poopy Princess
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