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In fact I plan on starting 3 different awards. 1 for cappie makers, one for story authors, and another for our lovely poets! I hope to start them as soon as I can make the awards images, and the winners will be able to be picked on Valentines day!
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Wonderful sweetie, wonderful idea x x x


Baby Butch
I agree this is a great idea and everyone should know to participate. If I need more space on Pix Princess to post contest cappies, I will let you know Christie. I seem to be ok at this time, but may run out again. I have posted a lot of cappies in the last 2 months.
~*Christie Luv*~
Thank you sweeties! Yes I certainly can give space to any cappie artists contributing to Sissy Kiss.

So how do I enter poems or is it a pick deal from whats there?
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Hello Sissy Michele,

Scroll down the forums page till you see, Role Playing Girls, a little further down is Awards. Click on Awards and then click on the contest you wish to enter.

Instructions are on the top of the page. I entered Stories and Cappies. You have till the end of January to enter. Baby Butch
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