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i want to change my sex from male to female.
i am happy with my face characteristic's and am worried HRT will ruin this.
i want to zero my testosterone and have the chop.
can i just have castration of the balls and reduce the hormones this way?
i have been dreaming of a good set of booooobies to complement my huge wardrobe of dresses .
i want to throw myself at the feet of my doctor and lick his shoes clean.
if i die on the table .... its ok.... i feel as if im dead already in a way.
when he is done im going to find matt damon and ....@#$%^&*
ok... i wish.
i have spent a lot of time in he mirror trying this and that....
no one has ever shown me how to do this stuff.... i mean .... no one.
everything is what i have picked up on the sly.
am i hiding behind the curtains like soooooo many others.
no... im not... im not quite out there in my best dresses or skirts...
i give out the hints of a subtle nature of baby blue jogging bottoms by Reebok.
so sexy fit ... only the true bird watcher would know and the palm Sundays would be ugh and dragging there knuckles to MacDonald .....
the girls however will have a big broad smile on there faces ... grassing me up to there boyfriends.
at a friends 16th birthday party... i got my black pencil chiffon dress out from tesco and black diamond patterned tights and black size 44 pump shoes with a cute little bow on each shoe.
a blue and white striped cardigan with odd buttons on and a BIG black lady's duffel coat and a shimmering silver hand bag by ex1t .... sooooo cute.
i got 13 compliments and 2 disagreements.
my brother was like ... that's OK.. his girlfriend was like O.M.G.
im not sure if she was like yeah or ney.
i think it was yeah cos she is still cool with me.
at the moment as i type this ... im in my black suede type fabric jogging bottoms and black with pink shoulder straps and two cute pink bows on each strap with the pink words on the front is "play with me"
ohhhh and blue socks.
black curly hair pined at the back but proper sassy curls if i just let it drop to my shoulders.
i have emerald green eyes and trying to find some earnings to match.
the biggest downfall i have is being 6 feet 2 inch tall which i hate hate hate....omg i hate it.
but i can deal with it...
kinda makes me feel a bit of a dizzy blond banging my head off everything...
road signs ...door frames.. bridges ....
yep... its true... i walk in to bridges as well...
i walk in to trouble as well .
but... i feel society ruined me from all the bullying i have had to defend myself ...
learning hand to hand combat has given me a slight build i am sooooooo unhappy about.
i am fit... i dont smoke or drink...
i cycle for miles and miles and miles and not break a sweat.
i hate it when i look a t girl... ohhhh yeah... thats nice...
she clocks me looking at her...
shi... im looking at the dress... not you as a whole...
how do i dig myself out of that hole....
oh... yeah.... your fit...
but if he sees me... im in for the biggest kicking... i think.
or he might be.....?????
yeah ... knowing my luck... he,s married and some gangster and im going to be face down in the river before morning .
i am off my rocker....i know
but im not playing with nuclear weapons or shooting people randomly .
im a boy in girls clothing... give me some space to live...
stay out my face... and i have heard it all before and you need some new material as its wearing thin.
i think woman have the best taste in fashion and boys fashion is soooooo dull of brown black and red.
be a cardboard cut out in a suite or a gangsta who wants to do you over or sell some pharmaceuticals.
oh... and run away from B.M.W cars.
oh... im 33 and hugging a teddy bear... well... a care bear actually.
his name is tenderheart bear and he is so cute with a big red heart on his tummy and rustles when you squeeze him.
if anyone finds out... i think im going to get my head smashed in...
or my fate is the same as the peparami sausage that thought it was golly gosh and how super who got slammed and slapped on the side of a Donna kebab rack cos im just not quite ......... normal?
any sort of girly activity from a boy is like everyone noticing and lots of flashing lights and sirens....
he picked up or showed signs of picking up that magazine of LOVE IT.
having avon biting her lip as i order....
good morning (curtsey)
cute becky
hi sweeties.
have a wonderful day and please read my posts and it would be very nice if you could write a comment of how it was for you 
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WOW! Sister I understand how ya feel. I could have wrote that same letter! even being 6' 2" tall and the responses I get when caught checking out a girls clothes hehe
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