PG 13 Question about ratings for stories with underage characters.
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I must be a complete moron, because I can't, for the life of me, find a search function anywhere on this new thread it is. Anyway, I was hoping to share my SheZow fanfiction on this site (which has feminization elements to it, particularly the most recent fic in the series), but when I was reading one of the stickies in the Story Time board, I noticed that stories containing characters younger than 18 need to be PG rated. Now, does this only apply to sexual themes, or overall? My fics are more like a PG-13 rating; the main cast is 12 years old, but the stories don't contain any actual sexual acts (the most the characters have even done is kissing and innocent tickling). The PG-13 rating is for violence (many of the characters have, and fight using, superpowers and/or weapons of various kinds) as well as for foul language (no f-bombs, but "damn" is used quite a bit, and I believe "crap" was as well).

What's the verdict?
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