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I have a question about Pix Princess. Is it secure? I mean - can anyone get into it and see my album, or is it cached or searched by Google or other search engines at all?


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Password protected I think.
~*Christie Luv*~
Yes no one can find an album unless someone posts a link to their own album. They can't find it by sharing images link either because there isn't anything in the image web address to indicate what their album address is. For Google to index something it needs to be linked to from a website's entrance page, and there are no links leading to the albums, so it can't go public unless someone chooses to.

Also you can password protect your album by going to the link that says "Modify my albums" There is a place on that page to add a password.
Thank you Christie! Your reply leaves me with one more question - I hope you don't mind!

Since you said for something to be indexed it must link to the front page of a site - that would mean that any pictures I put on Pix Princess AND THEN put into a thread on the forum would be indexed by Google, right?
Hi KitaSparkles,
yes, if you post the image in a thread it will be indexed by Google, but from my experience Google will only 'find' your image in that thread, it will not 'find' your Pixprincess album. Google only shows results for pictures in my blog, not in my Pixprincess album. If I go into my blog and right-click and look at 'properties' I can then see the link back to Pixprincess, but it doesn't link back to my album so it wouldn't help someone to find more pics of me.

It is possible for others to view your entire album if you don't password protect it though. If I go to my album on Pixprincess and change the album number to another number I can view other people's albums, so make sure you password protect your album if you don't want that to happen.

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