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hiya! my name is Ashley, I joined sissy space in hopes to find out what I identify as.

I am an adult who dresses and acts like a little girl. I like to say I am an   ADULT LITTLE GIRL

I do NOT I repeat do NOT Wear diapers, not am I an adult infant/ baby.

I do consider myself an "Age Player" But not in the sense of it being a fetish. I am just into wearing Little Girls clothes.

I like to identify as a little girl about the age from 6-8 years old

What should I call myself, because I am definitely not an adult baby
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Baby Butch
A main theme of this site is being "Young At Heart". Adult Little Girl seems to fit you. Many others go by Sissybaby since they love diapers.

Welcome to Sissy Kiss and enjoy your day!

Hi, Ashley! Adult Little Girl sounds very appropriate :). I'm sure you'll love the site, even if diapers and AB aren't your things.

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