PG 13 Pull Ups Stretchiness
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As some of you probably have read I've been having a recurring dream and I have decided to reenact parts of it. But before I do I was wondering if anyone knows to what size girls pull ups will stretch too.

Just so you know my waist is a smaller than mens small (mostly do to the fact I don't frequent Macdonalds on a weekly basis and have a F-up metabolism making it that I have .01% fat around my waist. seriously if i don't wear pant's and a baggy shirt you can see the top of my my pelvic bone through my skin).
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Dear Love Fox:)

It's fortunate for sissies that real girls naturally have wider hips then boys.  Just as it's harder to buy dresses and bras, panties are a snap.  So I'm a woman's size 6 in panties for comparison.

With that in mind, I can wear my favorite diapees, which are GoodNites in the L-XL size (27-57 KG+).  I have to wiggle my fanny a little but I love the fit!  They keep my sissies all snug like a chastity cage almost, but MUCH more comfy, with my little sissy clitty tucked down.  You'll be surprised how much they hold, and you can make 'em last longer if you wear 'em backwards until you have a little accident, then turn 'em around.  (I noticed that the back of the diapee never gets full and it seems like such a waste!)

I give 'em a pre-stretch before I put 'em on.  I put 'em over my arms and stretch 'em out and it seems to make it easier and avoids any tearing of the side panels.  Also, pull 'em up gripping only the front and back panels, not the sides which are designed to tear.

I don't really think there's a difference in the boys' and girls' but the girls' have prettier pictures, currently hearts and flowers.  I miss the butterflies they used to have.

Goodnites are also an excellent inner diapee if you are doubling up.

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