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How often do you all go out dolled up or with a little secret?
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How often do you all go out dolled up or at lest with panties or diapers under your clothes?
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Baby Butch

I am usually shy about going out in public and wear things at home more often. I have gone shopping wearing a diaper under my pants. I like to walk up to Publix that way occasionally.


I have worn panties and pantyhose shopping too and walking around the block. I even went door to door passing out flyers with pink panties and pantyhose on under my dress clothes.


What's really hot is mowing the lawn in a diaper during the summer. Yes I did have pants on since i did the work for my landlord and her daughter. It was hot mowing in panties and pantyhose too!


I wear panties 24/7.  So I guess you would say all the time. 
Dear Sissy_Lexi,

   I actually am incontinent so I wear diapers all the time. Usually if I need to go out of the house Mommy has me wear pullups, so they are easier to change and less noticeable. But if we are going somewhere for a long time, like the movies or driving to the beach, I wear a diaper, but then I have my wheelchair, so no one really notices, or even cares if they do notice.
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little Chloe
I wear Panty`s 24/7,
on cold days i even wear tights/leggings or jeans under my work uniform.
tried wearing a bra 1 time to work but i got really twitchy and had to take it off as people kept putting there hand on my sholder, i swear they could feel the straps lol

I wear feminine underwear all the time. Sometimes I wear panties or pettis under feminine denim. On Mondays and Tuesdays, after dehairing my legs on Sunday evening, I'll wear pantyhose.


As for diapers, I prefer to do that at home.


Wishing everyone a sweet feminine sissy joyful Christmas,


It's panties or pull-ups for me most of the time, depending on my mood, but I have gone out in diapers from time to time. ^^

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Once a week, usually. Sometimes twice a week.

I'm usually wearing diapers with my pink, ruffly plastic pants over them. Usually I wear a skirt and a cute top with stockings. Sometimes I just wear pants instead, but I've been doing skirts a lot more.

When I go out with daddy, I'll even flash him my diapers when he walks behind me or I'll bend over purposefully revealing them to him. I only do it when there's clearly no one around to see, but it's a nice rush that gets him and I off when I can do it.

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