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ok im sure this was answered. my profile is gone....Im sure its the new up date but looks like i had to start clean and everything is gone....this has really made me sad and upset....so do i have to make a new profile and start over on forum posts and everything like that?.....I just posted this and it looks like i am starting over with everything. this upsets me i dont want to start over.....i have been contacting the webmissy. and i just emailed her a little bit ago and it looks like my profile got deleted. cuz at first before the update i logged in no problem and now i put in email and password and it says error. now im on my first profile i made years ago....my profile that had all my stuff on it and all my post was DIAPERED_TRISTAN (not in all caps just pointing it out)
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Sorry hun, the people who made the old software for Sissy Space closed down. So we had to choose to switch to a new software for Sissy Spaces, or never be able to update the website.

BUT you can find your previous Sissy Space in the link below, and you can save any images, or blogs you had. You can even re-post them. We weren't able to keep the friend networks but the new Sissy Spaces have friend networks. You can see who you were connected with in the link below and look them up here. They even have a facebook like wall where you can see all the updates from your friends.

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