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HI HI  :)  Is anyone else having problems getting into their Inbox for messages?  I see that I have 2 but when I go into the inbox all I see are the ones I already opened?
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yeah theres sooo many pages all over the place and things are crazy!! I hope everything is being fixed , i miss the old sissykiss now, even though i know itll be better when its all working!
Baby Butch
I read my messages and still have a 1 or 2 showing up by Inbox instead of zero. I found that the number is a message I sent which was not yet replied to. After my response to my PM was received the number went back to zero.
~*Christie Luv*~
Do you think this could be because of an unread message on another page in your inbox? Your private message list has multiple pages. You can visit them by pressing the list of numbers above, and below your list of private messages. 

There was an issue the counters for unread PM's a couple days ago, but that's been fixed unless you are getting an error I don't know of. I'll add a button to make all PM's marked as read later for people who want it to be zero after they looked at all the PM's they want to.
No, it's def new messages that she can't open :/ She can see that I'm sending them to her, she just can't open them... mandy, try me here:
:( I don't see any numbers   for pages on my inbox.  I have 3 messages I see that I have read already.  There is a 2 next to the inbox button at the bottom of my screen.
baby bobby
I can't even log in. The new website won't recognize my password any more.

Christie--if you read this, can you send me a new password for Baby Bobby__

I can log in with Baby Bobby and access mail with that username.
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