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I seem to be having problems when posting my story in the Story Time forum. What I've always done is type out the entire thing in Microsoft Word and then copy and paste it into the message box when I post it. That used to work perfectly and I've always loved that SissyKiss is one of the few forums that allows me to do that (so I don't need to write BBCode or HTML code actually into the story). Lately though, I've been running into problems.

The first one came a while ago, a few months back I think. For no reason that I know of, the writing copied from Microsoft Word became a lot smaller when it was posted on SissyKiss. It used to be the same size and even after altering the size setting using the buttons above the message box, they either stayed the same size (small) or became far too large.

The bigger problem was one that I just encountered today. After copying a huge chunk of my story, I changed the colour from pink to black (so it's easier to read against the background) but it came out like this:

 5%5CDOCUME%7E1%5CUser%5CLOCALS%7E1%5CTemp%5Cmsohtml1%5C01%5Cclip_filelist.xml"> Ben and Marie played together for a couple of hours and, to their surprise, they didway you’ll be able to fit in the toy box, Ben,’ Marie teased, ‘your butt is way too big. Then again, I guess you can’t help it, since a big baby like you needs a super-thick diaper to match, right?’ Ben smirked. manage to fit in the toy box together. It was a tight fit and they each received a few skinned knees but it was worth it because of how much fun it was. It even allowed the two of them to share a few playful taunts, the kind they’d missed while being apart. ‘There’s no
‘Well you probably can fit in the toy box but I don’t see why,’ he said, ‘nobody would want to play with a Marie toy. They’d probably play with a toy that doesn’t smell so bad or get her face covered with baby food at mealtimes.’ Marie laughed and gave Ben a playful punch on the arm.

In case it's not clear what's wrong, the words rearranged themselves when the colour was changed to black. Can you see where "did" and "way", the two italic words, have suddenly shifted together? That pink part is supposed to come in between those two words.

That seems to sum up the problem.
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Actually I'm surprised Microsoft Word has been working for you. It usually doesn't when I tried it and other people have got errors a lot in the past trying to Copy & Paste from it. They didn't have Microsoft word in mind when they made the VB editor.

Sometimes people couldn't even get into the thread when posting with Microsoft word. I needed to remove the thread from a database level that time.

Sorry but it wasn't made for that. Maybe someday the VB designers will think of that. You can go to and suggest that to them for future upgrades.
Fem Prince C
What often happens is even when you copy and paste from it it picks up the 'code' used in the program and that interacts with any code provisions on forums.
What I usually do is type my piece using a word processing program - either MS Word or Open - and then paste that to Windows Notepad which is a very simple piece of text editing that doesn't have all that code stuff. Save that and then you then paste that to the forum.
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The problem with that is I use italics in my story quite often and Windows Notepad doesn't feature things like that. It'd be a pain to have to go through my posts to find the places I'd used italics before posting each chapter. I know there are little things I can do to make it simpler but it's just a hassle. Right now, I think I'm just going to copy and paste and leave the colour as pink. It's frustrating and it feels like SK has taken several steps backwards but it's the easiest thing to do too.
Hello dear I have a problem, and although I can create a new topic that shows me the page wasn't what can i do
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Doesn't Word let you save your document as HTML? If VB likes HTML, try saving your story that way and then copying and pasting it.

Mmm, paste! Yummy!
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