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Specifically for Christie Luv:
  It's great that the editor problem has been fixed (will the size be increasing?) I've noticed that the PM isn't working. You can't add who you want to send it to. Also you (I) can't change the avatar. I wanted to change from Xmas to something else and nothing happens. I've tried both ways; from my machine and Pix Princess. I know you're busy but I'm wondering if there are fixes in the works.  'Lil M
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I am still having editor problems. Can't change the titles to show updates also I write then cut and paste here, well it seems that now my work does not re-size automatically to fit the SK margins, and my text is way outside the margins. I am not computer savvy enough to adjust the margins on the program I am writing the original work on.. There seems to be a limit of 30k to the posts, when it used to be 400k...will these problems be worked on, or am I just being a whiney baby who just needs to get my mommy to help me?
  Thank you for fixing the PM so that I can now send them, but it would be nice to be able to add more than one person to certain PM's, like we used to be able to do. Sorry if I sound ungrateful, I am grateful for all your hard work. But you did say to let you know about ANY problems that there they are.

Hugs and Snugs,

~*Christie Luv*~
Thank you both for letting me know about these. I'll check this out! I was just busy earlier making other upgrades, and the editor is also now working! You can add text size, color, font, and more without errors.
~*Christie Luv*~
These are all fixed now!

Except I couldn't find an error with sending PM's to multiple people. I was able to send multi-way PM's in every major browser. If you are still having that problem you can let me know, and try to explain exactly at what point while trying to do this does it stop you from sending the PM, or does it send, but it just does not show everyone on the list inside the PM?

I fixed the avatars, and added new features to it, like the file drag, and drop!

AlyssaDee I check out the deleted post that was out of margins, and the reason was because of the long line of these:


As far as I know the post will only go out of margins if there is a long line with no spaces in it. So just try to shorten those, and your good!

The max character counter for forum posts, and stories is 40,000 again. There was just a variable I needed to change in the new upgraded editor.

I also tried to get an error while changing titles, but it worked fine for me every time. I you are still getting this, is it on the topic page, or the full editor page? If you have anymore details feel free to let me know.

I also feel free to let me know about any errors you run into! It's a good thing you let me know about these. It helps me to improve the site!
hi christie,
having messaging issues, sent some and have found they are not going, also receiving some but not showing on my inbox counter.

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