please sir... can i have some hormones
hello doctor
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OK my darlings... that was some fantastic help i ever thought i might come across on the net.
i am 33 years old and 34 in june next year.
i took your advise on seeing my doctor and my doc was away on his hols and got to speek to a consultant who wrote out a letter to a hospital in london but this letter was hand writen and was told to give it to the receptionist who was to type it out and send it off o a specialist in one of londons hospitals but regret i forgo to ask which hospital it was going to.(slaps forhead)
now 5 weeks has passed and still no letter ....
now im getting worryed.
i went to the doc receptionist and asked if my files have arived yet and she said they had .... fantastic i replyed.
it was too late to make an appointment so i went back in the morning and my doc was back off his hols.
now... my family doc retired so this is the first time i have met this doc.
i asked him if he could prescribe premarin... not can i have premarin.
well ... the reaction i got was rather funny.
he kind of .... freaked out sortof.
he leand forwards and said in the 33 years of practising i was a first.
premarin was for women ect ect and no doc in his practice was going to prescribe premarin ect ect.
i told him i was a trans sexual... no change in his mood but leans slightly forwards and rather stress in his voice.
what was he doing....??? panicing?
was i thretening his pension or something?
i felt a bit freaked out ...
now at home wondering what do i do now.
my doc says he is waiting for my notes.
well you know what that says....
im in for a rough ride.
ohhh... he gave me advice on looking on the internet to get some there...
nice advice from a 33 year practicing NHS gp isnt it...
piss off and poisen yourself... i want no part... well thats how i see it.
im in london east and need some one knows what on earth is happening to me.
am i about to be a bee who gets slaughted because im in the wrong nest?
also... for mor advise and tips on trans sexuals...
go to
start hammerng that task bar on google and think about the searches you can ask for...
put a long sentence of words .... about 10 words all relaiting to your subject and go surfing DUDESS.
and back in the 80s... as a child.. i know i would be dead now... it wasnt too bad if you were a ballet dancer like billy elliot...
me... i be dead in a ditch.
now IM in control and living alone because of my feelings.
everyone deems it soooo wrong..
well.. thanks to my enviroment.... and lifes demanding ranting and raving at me... i aint soft.
why?........ because you wont let me.
i will find peace ... one day...
if anyone is feeling like this sounds like them... dont give up...
well that enough for now ....
love you all loads and chin up... keep kicking and screaming ....
we are all the same at the end of the day....
we all feel and hurt in a similar way... so just chill
mmmmuahhhhhhhh xxxoooxxxxxx
hi sweeties.
have a wonderful day and please read my posts and it would be very nice if you could write a comment of how it was for you 
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made a fresh appointment now 6 weeks later and spoke to the same doctor... well
what can i say...
was this the same doctor...?
he was laid back ... chilled... and had a pleasant smile on his face.
he was looking at me waith you have my full attention on his face.
well... that put me at ease straight away.
we started talking and we even giggled some...
nice chap i was thinking o myself.
tlking about children and so forth...
well.. he said for me to come in on friday to see about seeing some one but they are on holaday at the moment....
smiling and happy i said ok ...
we shook hands and i left...
two days later i get a phone call from the doctors ....
an appointment to speak to another gp...
ok... i will be there...
not much more to that....
i wait till i see him...fingers crossed
hi sweeties.
have a wonderful day and please read my posts and it would be very nice if you could write a comment of how it was for you 
I hope it works out for you. I know what its like waiting but I was lucky I only had to wait a month good luck sweety
Years ago I was put into a situation I wasn't prepared for. I was forcibly raped and beaten. The trauma of that event I still carry with me today and I swear it will never happen again. I urge all you ladies never leave home without protection like this Pepper Shot Pager.

the doctors have forwarded my details to the local community mental health department.
i got a letter stating i was under screening as to say looking up my previous history and giving me an appointment.
well i have he address so i went down there to see what it was all about.
i arrived at some new age community centre type place.
lots of tables and cafe.
very clean and a tiny desk for reception and two people crowding it.
i had to press a button to alert upstairs i was wanting to access the first floor.
this huge ridiculous sound rings out that drones the whole building and possibly the street outside as well.
i walked up he steel steps and through more buzzing doors.
be honest it didn't look all that.
not the sort of place you would expect from a social services but more independent
third party company for the low budget feeling.
this looks like a trainee base for people fresh from collage or university in he making for social issues.
now i wait for my appointment... its been a few weeks now.
getting fedup of this standing around.
he plan is o be on hormones befor christmas?
hi sweeties.
have a wonderful day and please read my posts and it would be very nice if you could write a comment of how it was for you 
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