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Since I wanted to start sharing Captions again, I went to login, forget password, etc and typed in one of the three emails I would have most likely used on the site, I have three I use for different things. I got a no account under this name issue. Figuring that I simply had my account deleted for inactivity I went to make a new one.

Had a few issues with same username, so not sure if it was registering my old account but onto the real issue.

After I overcame the 20+ Times of having the verification code wrong, when in fact it was correct e.e, it told me that this email was already in use.

Heres the thing though, it was one of the emails I had already went to forgot password/ Recovery with email and tried to use and recieved the no account registered.

I've been checking my inbox since this started to try and see if I recieved an email and I've got nothing, so help? It'd be a lot easier to try and get my old account if possible so I don't have to re-upload my old captions to a new account as well, would be lovely to have my old account back :(

If it helps the email I tried was [email]jaidendeck@hotmail.com[/email]
and any account I would have used was Angelkat or Angel_kat

While I'm here, mind telling me the limit to size if I post a picture in my sig?
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Hi! Sure I can help you out. I'll reset your password for you which you can change when you login. I'll send you a private message with your new password.

Also we don't delete users for being inactive. So this must be a glitch of some kind I'll look into.
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