what are some fun things two dwo
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i would wants 2 heers some fwun fwings 2 do 
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Baby Butch
Welcome to Sissy Kiss from a big baby and there are a lot of us here. You could start with the Forums section of the site and find many things to read and pictures to view. Storytime is full of great stories, Captioned Piccies is pictures and shorter stories that go along with them. Photogenic Beauties is pictures of members in girls clothes, diapers, etc. Role plays are also fun, you can act out your fantasies and meet friends.
how dwo i acess those thwings. i wreallwy want to twy the last wone
Baby Butch
There are several different views of the site. Click on "Forums" and you should go to the page with all the activities listed. Role Playing is near the bottom of the page. Just click on Role Playing Girls and look for one to join.

Another way to find it is to look for a rectangle called "Forum Jump" the drop down menu has "Forums" as the very first thing to click on.
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