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A few years ago I attended a seminar in San Diego at a huge, sprawling convention center - must have been several acres with a wide variety of accommodations and buildings.  

I couldn't resist buying a pair of pettipanties that look very much like the ones in the heading, but with only more lace and ribbons and bows -- especially around the knees. At least 4 inches!!! Okay, girls, it gets better. I also bought pantyhose (not sheer to the waist, but with the dark panty showing), loose fitting pink nylon running shorts without modesty panty, pink girlie t-shirt mid-riff, and pink anklets to go with white tennis shoes. 
 The legs of the shorts (on purpose) were not as short or tight as a Hooter's girl, but you get the idea...sleek, shiny and slippery pantyhose! 

I was staying on the 5th floor of a hotel like building with a swimming pool and lobby. One night I hatched my public petticoating plan...

I parked my rental car at the front of the complex, a fair distance from my hotel room, and left a spare room card on the seat. Once back in my room I changed into my sissy outfit! But with one alteration, I snipped the elastic on the pettipanty at the legs! Yes, i thought gravity would be sooo embarrassing. I picked up two large empty boxes to carry, since I had to have my hands full....(giggle), took my car keys, left my other room card in the room, and stepped into the hall! 

I had no choice but to take the elevator to the hall (it was 9 PM) and go through the lobby, and head to my car to get the key to get back into my room!!!!
Would my embarrassing and ultra sissy pettipanty slip, inch by inch, down my slick pantyhose thighs? With me clutching the boxes, unable to stop the inevitable?

At the second floor the door to the elevator opened and a couple got in. They were busy talking and didn't seem to notice me! I could feel a little lace begin to peek out from under the legs of my shorts!

I simpered quickly through the lobby, and more of the panty slipped!! I am not making this up (blush). the more I walked the more the pettipanty slipped. Until it was down around my knees!!! I had to cross a parking lot to get to my car, and it was bright as daylight. A group of Hispanic girls who worked at the complex were getting off work...mostly youngsters laughing and giggling....and was noticed! Yes! I put my chin up and pretended to ignore them, but they enjoyed my self-induced embarrassment. 

I finally got into my car and my heart stopped racing! Exposed as a sissy in front of a group of girls, a fantasy come true?  
I really should not tell you what i did next!!! it is so embarrassing!!!!!!!!! (giggle)_ unless you ask.... 

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Sarah Marina
      Woo! Only thing left to do is put your frilly moist under-garments in a hotel laundry bag, allow the maids to take it to the laundry room. and deliver your clean folded undies back after they've had a good laugh.
   Excellent story. Based on your description, I'm pretty sure I've been to the same convention center and can totally relate to the exhilarating feeling of letting everything go when away from home.
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