PG Perhaps SK should hold a rally in Salt Lake City?
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I really have no idea what they are basing this on. SLC is most definately not a place for the gay community. If they're calling SLC the gayest city in the US, then they must be talking about the number of married men hiding from their wives because they are bored with their dull religion-dominated relationship. Just because the city has a pride parade each year (which really does more harm than good) doesn't mean it's the city for gays to visit.
Given how much money the Mormons pumped into California during the Prop 8 fight, I'm not buying it. Plus it's incomprehensible to me that SLC could somehow beat out SF. I know SF's often overrated - but every time I've been to SF, it's reinforced the gay-friendly reputation the city has. From lesbians happily walking hand-in-hand, to the most polite bigots I've ever met. :P

In truth, there is no better place to be...
Than falling out of darkness, still to see.
Yes, I had my doubts about SLC, too. The MSNBC article bases its story on another article published in THE ADVOCATE (buried in the link above).

Whether or not it's the truth (and "gayest city" honor still goes to San Francisco), I just found some wacky humor envisining the early LDS prophets proclaiming, "What? It's come to this?!"

And while we're at Mormon bashing here. But I do highly recommend everyone getting to Broadway to see THE BOOK OF MORMON. (From Southpark: "Joseph Smith was a prophet...dum, dum, dum, dum, DUM!")
wow i am suspred chicago isnt on the list with Boys town n all that but yeah i knew aobut Orlando, Fla. i lived there and love to move back it was wonderful noone cared how u dressed or who where kissing
yeah, i have to disagree, while SLC may have a gay mayor and a pride parade, the church is still far more influential in SLC than anywhere else.
if you had said St george, Nephi, or even Logan then you have some ground, but in SLC it is still the chuch's front steps.
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