Almost Perfect
Has anyone read the book Almost Perfect?
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I was wondering what other people that have read Almost Perfect think about it?

This isn't a recommendation thread. NOT RECCOMMENDING IT BTW!!!

I was just hoping to see what other people might think of it. I couldn't put it down yesterday and read it all but I wish I had not read it all. There are a lot of tough parts but the end is just heartbreaking and I couldn't get it out of my mind. I had something that resembled a panic attack and my adrenaline was so high and was breathing so heavily. I went to bed before midnight and got out of bed at 9am and I probably had no more than 4 hours asleep. Still even today I can't get over it. Maybe its because you hear about the horrendous stories and things on the news and you just get the facts but I was so deep into the book and connected with the characters that this fictional account really moved me more than real life events depicting the same type of thing.

The relationship in the book had me hooked and I couldn't put it down I had to know what was going to happen next until the very ending. At that point I wish I had stopped reading sooner then the last page. This might be a great book for Non GLBT people that are interested and looking for insight into an "alternative lifestyle" but I just wanted a TG love story. A girl that accomplished what many of us have not and maybe never could was amazing and breath taking to read about but the book took a harsh and too realistic detour from the love story I adored for most of the book. Really sad  Why does Transgender Fiction have to be so much like real life. I would kill for TG Princess and Prince Charming, happy and inspiring love stories about unconditional love and acceptance.

Just my opinion and hopefully others can share theirs  

If you are thinking about reading it. I seriously reccommend to stop reading at page 260!!!! I know it will be near impossible but trust me!
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I think I'd love the book, from what i've heard ;)
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