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I'm working on becoming a 24/7 panty boy and would like some advice for doing so. I recently got rid of all my male underwear (except 1 pair I kept just in case) and have a drawer of about 20 pairs of panties. I'm wanting to know what all I should do for achieving this goal.

I've already started keeping a monthly calendar and have set up a time that I'll be on my period. I'm going to wear maxi pads during this time. I'm wondering if I should also be wearing pantiliners when not on my period days. I have worn maxi pads enough to know which ones I like, but I haven't really experimented with pantiliners. Which brands do you like best?

2 other things I'm considering are shaving my legs and wearing women's deordorant. I've used Nair in the past, but I've always let my hair grow back out afterwards. I'm thinking I'll get some nair to start and then get women's shaving cream and a razor to start keeping my legs shaved. I need some advice on actually shaving my legs since my past attempts ended pretty quickly after a few cuts. Also, I've got a stick of Secret which I've been wearing around home, but I'm curious how noticeable or if people would care if it became the deordorant I wear all the time.
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Hi Pantiboiprincess,
you're on the right track with becoming a full time panty wearer. With 20 pairs of women's panties and only 1 pair of mens undies you'll have no choice but to wear them. After a few weeks, wearing panties will become second nature.

As for pantiliners, I have no advice there. Mistress made me use tampons when I was on my 'period' instead of liners.

As for shaving your legs, I had the same problems as you when I started - I'd always end up getting a few small cuts every time I shaved. During a physical for a new job a doctor actually asked me if I shaved my legs because she saw the small scabs on my legs and thought they might have been bed bug bites. I told her I shaved my legs and she dropped it. As for tips - take it slow and practice. After you do it a few times, you'll figure out techniques that work for you and areas where you have to be careful. I always have a problem shaving around my knees so I take it really slowly and now can get through it without any blood. I find it's easier doing "maintenance" than starting from scratch too, so once you get rid of the longer hair it's a lot easier.

With deodorant, yes Secret is very noticeable to the person who is wearing it, but I'm not sure if anyone else notices it. I've worn it to work many times and I don't think anyone has really noticed, (nobody has said anything to me and I have some very blunt coworkers). The way I look at it, you know what Secret smells like, have you ever smelled a female coworker wearing it? If not, the chances of someone noticing you wearing it are pretty slim. (At least that's how I convince myself nobody is noticing).

Good luck!
You go, girl!, 24/7 panties was a major jump I only made this year. I hope you also sit to pee?

As for pads, I don't like 'em so I usually use tampons; but I'm glad you're having your sissy period--for me it's an important reminder of who I want to be! I carry a fanny pack for a purse and I've always got a spare tampon inside. I feel very femme when I change in public.

And I can't believe anyone will ever detect your Secret. I use Dove Ultimate which says it minimizes the visual appearance of hair over time (you do shave your underarms don't you?). I'm to chicken to shave my legs but I do shave my privates. My advice: always go with the grain, which would be down for your legs.

Back to noticeable scent (your Secret), guys wear cologne so who's to notice the difference? I use a pretty smelling body wash and a body spray. If anyone asks, tell 'em it's Old Spice!

Keep it up!
with my deepest curtsy for all,
Sissy Renee

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After a few weeks of wearing nothing but panties you will soon drop your guard and it will become second nature. You might want to throw that last pair of male underwear away after a month or two and buy the least feminine panties you can find and make them your last resort underwear.

Pantyliners are nice if you want to keep your panties clean but they aren't noticeable and I won't bother with them. I would just stick to maxipads.

I wear Dove Ultimate Wild Rose for my main deoderant and no one seems to notice. If that is what you are afraid of someone noticing. If you want to get noticed the perfume is the way togo.

As for shaving your legs I would try an electric body shaver for men. A woman one would work but they aren't designed for thicker hair and will probably have a shorted life. Or something like Veet(thought it did less irritation and smelled slighty not as bad as Nair).

I wear feminine underwear every day, under my en homme clothes when I go to work, when I exercise, and when I go out and about on all my daily routines. I have a few men's underwear, but mostly I wear ladies. It feels so much nicer. You should have a variety of feminine underwear, i.e. panties, Vanity Fair pettis, and if you can find them, pantliners. I can't say enough good things about full-length, lace-cuff, Nylon pantliners. They feel awfully good under wool-containing pants that otherwise itch like heck. Unfortunately Vanity Fair no longer makes full-length pantliners. VF, are you listening?

As for monthly periods, I would just as soon leave that to biofemmes (i.e. real girls).

Rene Descartes reminds us that if you sit to pee, you'll feel more in the feminine spirit.

As for deodorants, I prefer to shower every morning. If I were to wear a dress outside of my home (which unfortunately I rarely get a chance to do), then I would use Secret or whatever other brand I can find at my local pharmacy.

For leg dehairing, I use Nair. I would rather not use any kind of razor, as I don't like cutting myself.

Panties and pantyhose (or, stockings with garters :) ) for all,


I'm thinking I'll get some nair to start and then get women's shaving cream and a razor to start keeping my legs shaved. I need some advice on actually shaving my legs since my past attempts ended pretty quickly after a few cuts.  

Make sure you *don't* get a womens' razor. They suck for women, let alone men, who have thicker hair. And make absolutely sure you swap blades regularly. Really regularly. Far more often than you swap out blades when shaving your face. More surface area == blades become dull faster, and dull blades are just asking for blood. :3

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I just started panties 24/7 myself and it's been wonderful. Even had a dream about it last night and that dream kept me from breaking my five day streak when I was half awake this morning. I've been shaving for a couple weeks; chest, legs, arms, etc and I've noticed a change in my perspective of myself this week. Between the shaved body, panties, and painted toes <3 <3 <3 it's a lot of fun.

I'm planning on trying something like Nair.

I think just experimenting and finding what you like and want to do to start is as important as admitting you want to do it in the first place.

Best of luck *kisses*
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