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hey all I am new well not so new I been watching and coming on for about a month now. Still been looking for Dr. Dokiri the anime but have yet to find it *sighs* but will still look. I was just going to let you know more about Otome and how to get it. I have all 7 episodes of it and if anyone wants to find out how ya can get it without having to watch all the time on youtube please let me know I am not sure if this is hte place to put this but I sorwies didnt know. I also have all the episodes of I My Me as well on my computers as well as one called princess princess or hime hime in japan if you like the other two princess princess will be for you to.
Also I have all the salior stars series from sailor moon in which a group of guys are sailor scouts they just turn into girls. If wannies know more about me because I am more of a baby furre bunny than a normal sissy baby jsut let me know but as far as anime I know how to get it and where if wannies some let me know and I will direct u into how to get it. Though Princess Princess will be harder and would have to send it to you other means as it was just licenced in the US not to long ago.
Tobu Bunny

By the way love the site *giggles*

email me at

p.s. I hope this is not in the wrong thread I dont want a spanking just yet *giggles*
"In Dreams All Truths Can Be Found...."-Tobu Bunny
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