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Hello everybody, my name is Baby Jennie, and I am an adult baby living in Sydney, Australia. Here is a brief (?) bit of background about me.

I've been into wearing nappies and my younger sister's dresses since about the age of 5, and despite brief intervals of 'remission,' where I tried to burn and purge, (Ah, the pangs of regret over items and outfits lost!) I have never ever stopped being a baby girl, and now am 49 - going on three. After leaving school, I used the services of B&D parlours to indulge in baby play intermittently for about 20 years, and during that time, married and divorced twice. Both wives were aware of my baby girl side. The first refused the acknowledge it; everything was fine, as long as it was out of her sight. (I was young - and stupid! )

The second wife was happy to play 'Mummies and Babies' with me for several wonderful years, until the birth of our first child. After a six-month drought, when I quietly suggested, 'Baby Jennie needs a bit of looking-after, too?" She demanded icily; "You don't expect me to baby YOU, not now that I have a real baby to look after?" We were divorced a few years later.

But after the second marriage, my collection of thick cloth nappies and pretty baby girl clothes began to grow, thanks to a talented girlfriend who could sew. Then about 10 years ago, a professional Mistress I had formed a friendship with over many years took me to my first B&D party for 'kinky people', and my life just took off! I went to these parties dressed in my thickest nappies and prettiest plastic panties bulging out from under my precious toddler frocks, my long hair up in frilly pigtails.

Some women thought I looked cute, (?) and some even offered to change my wet nappies - offers I eagerly accepted! I met leather workers at these parties who made my pink leather restraints and toddler harness, and some matching leather baby reins. I now have a pink padded change table and my own AB-sized playpen and highchair, and a Nanny that looks after me 2-3 evenings per week. Plus there are the various 'Aunties' who like to come over and babysit me, and sometimes discipline me when I've been bad. I swear I'm not making this up!

I have met only 4 or 5 ABs through the fetish scene, some of whom confessed to me later that the only reason they found the courage to open up about their secret AB fetish, was they saw the positive reaction I received from lots of people at various parties. So they decided to take their nappies and baby frocks out of the closet, and come out partying, too!

Since I chose to reveal my AB side to the fetish world, there are times I feel my life is gradually turning into every adult babies' fantasy dream. I have recently employed a gorgeous buxom girl I met through the fetish scene, to work in my place of business, (we call it Kindy.) And she has permission from her 'Master' to check my disposable diaper at Kindy, and change me if I'm wet. She works there about 2-3 days per week now, so not only am I diapered 24/7 these days, but I have women changing my nappies at home in the Nursery half the week, AND looking after me at Kindy, checking my diaper and changing me when necessary 2-3 days per week. I know, it's INCREDIBLE! Sometimes I have trouble believing my own life! I gotta find a couple more 'suitable' girls from the scene to hire to work at Kindy!

I discovered MSN groups and Yahoo groups 15 years ago, and through the various AB/DL sites there, I found there were many others like me as well. I've chatted with and have met over a dozen ABs in Sydney, and some have had play dates or sleepovers in my Nursery, or even been babysat by one of my darling Nannies or Aunties. Let me stress that this is NOT a financial arrangement of any kind, but a labour of love and friendship. I thought I was alone in my taboo desires (?) for so many years, and it's fantastic to finally meet others who share my life-long fetish of being a diapered little girl.

Anyway, lest you think this letter is bulls**t, I will post some pics of me in my playpen and being fed in my highchair, for the education and edification of all you big babies out there. All I want to leave you with is this. 'Don't give up your dreams, babies! Fantasies CAN come true!' I don't know how long this wonderful period of my life is going to last, but here's hoping I'll soon be having my diapers changed every day of the week, several times per day, as well as being pampered, dressed, and treated like the little baby girl I have always been in my heart.

Thanks for the great site, guys. Love the stories, and I'll be adding some of my own, soon - both AB fiction and some extremely horny TRUE tales from my diary excerpts. And I'll post some pics of me and my Nannies and Aunties.

Hugs and kisses to all, lots of love from Baby Jennie
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Wow thats pretty amazing glad everything worked out for you finally. It just goes to show you that if you work for what you want as who you really are you can find happiness.
Cissy Crissy

Glad you found us hear. I know the sissies here will love your stories!

Have fun this site is a playground for sissies like us!

Hope you are well

Sissy Tami
Being a sissy is soo much fun
What a wonderful and well-thought post for your introduction to the site. Welcome to SK Jennie, you'll fit right in here.  
Hello there,

Glad you came. It is truly wonderful here and the girls are the best. I look forward to reading your stories and see you around the forums.

Again welcome you sweet little dear   .

Sissy Jenni
Hi, Baby Jennie!  Welcome!!!   
You'll find lots and lots of friends here to relate to and share things with!!! This is a terrific site!! You have quite a story, I think it's wonderful (except for the breakup parts)!!
By the way, I luv your name!  
Sissy Jenni
Hi Jennnie!

It's great to see you here along with the story! Say hello sometime and maybe we can chat online!

Baby Butch
Welcome to Sissy Kiss.
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