PG Ode To Jean Michel Jarre (The Very Best Tribute To Jean Michel Jarre)
Ode To Jean Michel Jarre (A Special Bonus Feature Track for Sound Scapes 2
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Ode To Jean Michel Jarre
(The Very Best Tribute To
Jean Michel Jarre)

Published on 12 Apr 2013

Ode To Jean Michel Jarre Is Copyright of Polydor 1977-2013. This music was compsed on the KORG microKORG XL.

This is a bonus track to Sound Scapes 2 that have been wanting to do since I completed it. I will be also at some point workin gon a very best tribute to Vangelis as the bonus track to the orginal Sound Scapes music album. The idea for the bonus tracs to both albums have always been in the back of my mind, I had a vague idea of the music pieces for both bonus pieces, but nothing concrete until now. I hope yu have enjoyed my few best Jean Michel Jarre mix of the few pieces of some of his music. There was no way to play pieces of each piece of music from all of his albums. This is my own personal vrey best tribute to Jean Michel Jarre's music.


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