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How did i lose the number of post i have...the last time i was on here i had about 325 post and now i have 293ish. how did i lose post?
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Baby Butch
I used to wonder why my post number was occasionally going down and not up. It was because a moderator deleted several threads and I had commented in them. If my thread was deleted my post number went down too.

A lot of site moderating has been done lately. If the threads deleted contained comments, those are gone too and post numbers go down. I am sure almost 100 threads have been deleted lately, many because they were old and empty.

Most of those threads were in the back pages of Caption Me. The threads are empty if the posters pictures is just an "X", a dead link, or message saying the picture has been removed, like Photobucket does. There was over 80 of these in C.M. Other moderating is always being done around the entire site.
I figured something like that happened, i was just making sure. thanks.
Shouldn't it be possible to make it so that the post count won't go down but stay the same when a thread is deleted to show that the person has the right amounts?
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