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Hi I'm Zakk, I like to be called jess though. I'm just recently obtained the courage to start pursuing my true self. Of becoming a sissy. I'm so excited haha . I'm extremely nervous and unsure of steps or anything I should know. If anyone has helpful tips, or would like to be my friend as I go through this process...i think id be super happy. Finding this site is like a huge relief. Thank you so much for having it, and thank you for having me. :)
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Hello Jessicka:

....... Thank YOU for joining us! Once you've been out and about en femme, you'll enjoy it. I wear feminine underwear every day and once you get used to it, its no big deal. Right now I'm wearing very GIRL blue jeans, and its so much more exciting than boring boy clothes.

Sometimes too I'll put on a diaper and get it nice and warm and wet. It feels so calm, yet also so exciting. Whatever you feel like wearing, just do it.

I look forward to your contributions to what we're about!

Sissy girl joys for all who hear the call,
Dear Jess:)

I know from experience how difficult it is in this society when confronted with the fact that you are a sissy.  You should be proud to be so brave.  My first advice to you is to read the "feminization guide" here.
Baby Butch
You found the right site to join. Nice to meet you, I hope you find fun things to do and meet a few friends. Have a great day!
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