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Hello everyone, just joined today after searching the site for a while. 3 years ago I never thought 'd join a site like this. Really happy joining up, and hopefully I'll be able to open up and make some friends here.

About me, I'm a 25 year old male (sissy) from nj. As I said before my transformation started about three years ago. Since then I've become a huge sissy and enjoy my toy box. I've yet to do anything other then by myself but I hope to change that soon!

Look forward to chatting with all of you.
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Welcome to our corner of the net! Heck, I'm sure lots of us never thought they would participate in a site like this one.

I look forward to hearing more from you. What are your desires? What do you wear, i.e. panties? Diapers?

Best wishes finding friends here!


I wear panties quite often, I love the feel of them against my skin. I've yet to wear diapers, but I'd have no problem with it.
Has far as what I want to do, I'm not quite sure about that yet. If you meet me in person you could never guess of my sissy ways. It's almost like a split personality right now :P
Since im still new to this I'm still seeing how far I want to go with it. At this point I can't see myself ever being sissy full it, but I'd would meet someone now and see how far it goes.

Thanks for the warm welcome  .
Oh wow honey! I'm 26 and in NJ! Feel free to message me we have much to discuss!
~To be a girl is to be honest and expressive of your emotions. To wear diapers shows comfort in your body and trust in another~
I like to play Would You Rather and Dress Up, so come play with me in the games section. ^_^
*Formerly tutu49*
If asked would say that in really working towards expressing yourself sexually as a Female that other things Feminine are more natural to recognize. A sissy will NEVER be a Woman yet in attempting to experience sex as She would maybe will lead you in the right direction.
Baby Butch
Welcome to Sissy Kiss, nice to meet you.
Thank you all for the warm welcome, I feel I'll be right at home here!
Feel great to have a place to let my other side out :D
I only speak for myself tho I suspect many others have similar feelings when I say I wish I'd found a site like this YEARS earlier AND hadn't wasted so much time once I'd found it to participate.

I saw a philosopher on a PBS show who said: We all spend our lives striving for acceptance when we should be striving for excellence. It is one thing to say that most strive for acceptance, and should be striving for excellence instead; but for some of us it is a major step simply to strive for acceptance of what we were taught growing up was a nasty unacceptable, if not perverted lifestyle.

(Wow, I'm in a dark mood today I guess.)

Anyway, I'm so glad I found SK and happy to be here and welcome!
with my deepest curtsy for all,
Sissy Renee

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The Cat: Oh, you can't help that. We're all mad here. I'm mad. You're mad.
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The Cat: You must be. Or you wouldn't have come here.
Welcome to Sissykiss, it's always nice to have newcomers.
80's girl
Welcome! You might want to look around at the forums and see what interests you. There's something here for pretty much any style of sissy.

I myself am a sissy baby girl in diapers, but I like to try on big girl undies now and then.
- Sissy Desiree

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