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Hi everyone, my name is Paige.  I am a tg girl who has been dealing with that for a long time, but never dealt with the 13 yr. old who kicks and screams to be let out every now and then, so I hope this is the right place.  I like everything so far for sure. Hope to find some friends on here- don't care who you are, love to meet you. 

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Baby Butch
You picked the right place to join and be yourself. I cross dress a little but am more of an adult baby. I prefer to be a sissybaby girl actually. Nice to meet another new member of the community. : )

     Welcome to Sissy Kiss!
Princess Jaina
Welcome, Paige.  I also feel about 13 years old inside at times... I'm mainly into ABDL themes, but I feel more like an adolescent who still likes diapers and baby things and being little girlish than an actual baby inside.

Take care,
Have courage and be kind... and may the Force be with you, always! 
Dear Paige ♥

That girl inside you will find lots of friends here but you should know that if she kicks and screams too much there are some people here who might prescribe some time outs or worse.  There are some strict disciplinarians here who enjoy putting sissies in diapees, giving them spankies and other things.  Believe me, I know what I'm talking about *giggle*.  I hardly ever get to wear my pretty panties any more and my bottom is often red :( but I can wear my tutus all day every day if I want :) ☺ ☻ :)
TY Renee, I didn't think about the discipline I might need.  I can be bratty for sure at times.  Something else new to learn. 

Hello Paige:

Welcome to our site! My whole name is Priscilla Mary, but the nuns who run the school I go to, call me that only when I'm in trouble for something. Usually, everybody calls me Prissie.

Your case is very typical. There are a lot of people who weren't born feminine, but have strong feminine feelings. Some of us identify as baby or toddler girls, some of us identify as girls who are 8 years old or so. I'm in the latter category. I feel as though there's an 8 year old girl within me who likes to wear short pleated skirts, who skips when she's happy and pouts when she's not. 

I see your inner girl is a 13 year old. There's nothing wrong with that! Its the age where a girl wears menstrual pads (or tampons) a few days every month, wears a bra, starts checking out guys, where she likes to wear clothes that announce to all the world, TEEN GIRL. 

Is it any wonder that your inner 13 year old girl kicks and screams to be let out? I don't think so.

Keep it sissy,
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