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is 26 too old for hormones?
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 Hiya girls!!! Im a 27 y/o masculine male that has been living in the closet my whole life. I have finally gained the courage to become the shemale sissy that I have always wanted to be. My question is am I too old to take hormones and really transition?
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You are  not to old,,,,,start now babygirl 
Baby Butch
Welcome to Sissy Kiss, nice to meet another new member.

Hiya sweetie! Lovely to meet you. No darling - 26 is hardly too old at all, not sure why you think it would be. I know several t-girls that were in their early thirties (and older) before they began their transitions and look wonderful. There are month by month blogs on youtube following the progress - well worth a view. Give me a shout if you'd like the details.
   Welcome to sissykiss - hope you have a fantastic time here.
     Big hugs!
    MU-WAH!!! luv and hugs from Kay Kandyfloss   xxx
Jennifer Funshine
Not at all sweetheart! I'm 32 years old (soon to be 33) and I have made the giant leap myself to start transitioning.  The real question you ought to ask yourself is: what do you want out of it? So many people latch onto their desires and get carried away with the idea of becoming an adorable wittle Princess! Which is wonderful... but can carry circumstances that the individual is not yet prepared for.

So give yourself a year, maybe 2, maybe 10! :P lol just be sure of yourself before you go down this path and remember, here at Sissy Kiss we're all rooting for you regardless if you decide take the plunge or not.
-With Much Love- <3<3<3  
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