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Hi everyone!  I'm alexia marie, a 29-year-old sissy from the pacific northwest of the USA.  I've been a sissy as long as I can remember (I was sneaking diapers and skirts at age 8). 

I'm happily married and straight, but I love to let my sissy side come out online. On that note, I would love to find some sissy friends to correspond with via message or email. I'm open to all types of friends, but particularly looking for a loving, caring, "older sister" type to chat and play with (and yes, if you are interested in naughty conversations, i am more than game :) )

My SO is away for a few days this weekend so i have lots of time to chat if you are interested.  Say hi :)
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Baby Butch
 Welcome to Sissy Kiss I hope you like the site and make friends.

I am an adult baby who likes to wear diapers and plastic panties.

Baby Butch
Have a great day!

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