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Hello there, you can call me Katie, Katherine, Andrea, or just KD! I don't mind going by either "he" or "she", but on this site I would assume going by anything else other than "she" isn't really common courtesy. xD

I have been on other websites for crossdressing, but this one always stuck out to me. I love the images on DeviantArt made by the webmissy, even though I am not particularly into AB, I am just into feminization only. However I absolutely loved the cutesy style!

I came to this site and didn't expect that same style to be here too! This place just oozes femininity in terms of design. When I visit this site, I feel like I am in a sissy's paradise! No other websites I have been on felt the same for me. The Sissy Space customization page *really* caught my eye. Seriously, everything on this site is femmed out and I just *love* it! Especially the banner for this site. Like, I see it and I just know I'm in a place where getting dolled up and pretty (either mentally or physically) is normal practice.

I also found it clever how the spambot questions have girly things in them. It makes it so that only those legitimately interested in the feminine side of life register!

I have been waiting anxiously to turn 18 and join for a year now... and well, here I am! I know the age limit is important due to what kind of content can be put here, so I didn't mind waiting. Lying is bad anyway and a good girl shouldn't lie about her age now should she? ;o My birthday on my profile is wrong though, since for some reason it won't let me put March 3rd, 1997 even though I am legitimately 18! :l

You can see more about me (and why I have my "unique" username) on my Sissy Space and how I got into sissydom. I am not afraid to meet new people, but as of right now I am not looking for intimate relationship, only friendships and fun! I am limited to what I can do though since I am in-the-closet. My parents would probably question my sexuality (I am straight by the way) if they caught me on here. Hooray for close-minded conservatives... >.>

It may take me awhile to respond to anyone as I am mainly active on other forums (mainly for gaming, huge Nintendo gamer here) but do feel free to message me. c:

Hope you enjoy an anime trap lover, in-the-closet crossdresser, and submissive sissy maid-wannabe's company~  

See ya around!

 ~*♥Sissy Maidvelia ✿ Straight ✿ In-The-Closet ✿ Sissy Maid & Fairy-Wannabe ✿ Anime Trap Lover ✿ Submissive to Girls♥*~

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Baby Butch
Nice introduction for us Katie and I am glad to meet you. Appreciate your comments about this site and our webmissy's art and creations. Join in on the fun, do some viewing, posting, and commenting.
Thank you Katie for joining us, and for all the nice things you have to say about our group. I too, love the sweet divine feminine! I too, am into feminization. I love wearing panties or frilly underwear under my everyday en homme clothes, and hope to get out and about in a skirt and pantyhose and high heels when spring rolls around and the orchids on trees are blooming.

I look forward to seeing  your posts!

Sweetness and LittleGirlLuv,
Hullo there, Katie!

Glad to see another new member of the sisterhood! I'm magicgrrl, Warrior Princess in training!

I just loooooove maids! They are, how you say, tres effemine!
As far as I'm concerned, being any gender at all is a drag
-Patti Smith

Just your average, everyday, magical warrior princess. Fighting for truth, justice, and frilly things!
 Wonderful introduction. 
Kylee Lynn Ford 
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