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Hello everyone,

my name is Jana and Iยดam the leathersissy from Germany. Like my nickname says, I love leather outfits, knee high to tigh high leather boots and leather baby harnesses/reins very much. I like it, how the leather shines, how it smells, the noise it makes, when Iยดam moving, the sound of the high heels of my boots, when Iยดam going through my flat and the feeling of the baby harness on me.

Here you can find pictures of some of may outfits

(Sorry, for the german comments in it)

I hope there are, more leather/boots/high heel and/or harness loveing sissies in this forum.
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Welcome from Sissy JJ!ย  I wear leather as well as sissy frilly pink satin!
~ Items ~

I'm more of a nylon sissy than a leather one, but that isn't to say that the two can't go together beautifully. ย  ***Hugs and kisses*** I'm sure you'll be right at home here. ย 

(I'm afraid I couldn't manage to open your link. ย  Maybe you could post some shots in the Photogenic Beauties thread)
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Daddy's Girl
Nice to meet you! I love leather, too! >w
Baby Butch
Hello, Leather Sissy, thanks for the nice pictures you show.
I like the idea of baby reins. Put the baby on a leash.

Baby Butch : )

I like girls in leather mini-skirts!
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