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Looking to take over some naughty sissies/babies
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Hello, my name is Christy.

I am here after observing some of this site and some of the naughty people on here. I am utterly disgusted by some of you sissys and impressed with very few.

Many of you sissy sluts are here with the sole intention of getting a hard-on and wacking off. Some of you sissys get dressed up to look and feel pretty, for a short amount of time, but never make it a reality. This is not what I expect from you feminine sissies who claim to be all girly and prissy, and once done masturbating would put it away until you feel like getting feminized again.

I am here to try to help out a sissy in need who is on the path to sissification and babification and needs a stern voice behind them ordering them what to do so that they may achieve this feat.

If you want to be my sissy you will have to know that I am the dominant one and you WILL do as I say or there will be consequences. Many of you sissy sluts are easy to dominate and are willing to be dominated, and I know that you will listen to me and let me have control over your sissy life if I put my stern hand down and punish you when necessary. If you do as I say and follow orders, you will be rewarded.

If you want to go on this road with me I will be in total control over you. You will do what I say, no questions asked. You will act and feel more feminine, and you will see yourself slowly shaping into the woman I want you to become.

I am also a huge fan of diapering as well, and would love to implement this in with your changes. A diapered sissy is an obedient sissy.

If you are willing to become a sissy who wants to be put in line and on the track to total Sissydom, contact me through my private messages or my

email: [email][/email]

If you even want me to glance at your message you will refer to me as Mistress Christy.

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Welcome from Sissy JJ, how nice to have another strict Mommy around! 
~ Items ~

I am also willing to be a Mommy to any babies out there who like to be diapered full time.

Dont be afraid, Mommy is here to take care of everything. I am here with you all the way to helping you transition to a better lifestyle.

   Mommy Christy
Baby Butch
Welcome to Sissy Kiss, nice to meet you.
Little Bo Peep

 I am also willing to be a Mommy to any babies out there who like to be diapered full time.

Dont be afraid, Mommy is here to take care of everything. I am here with you all the way to helping you transition to a better lifestyle.

   Mommy Christy  

Hello Mistress Christy,

Welcome Welcome to this pretty pink palace in cyberspace.

I'm certain you'll find lots of naughty girls here in need of your corrective commands, though not me,

I'm a little Angel. 

I'm always very good and do not touch anything I'm not supposed to, not that I could because it's all buried below layer upon layer of frothy lace, satin dresses, crinoline petticoats, plastic panties and thick cloth diapers.

I hope you have fun in the pink playground, and get to meet lots of girls that are not as good as I am all the time.

I don't supposes you've seen my sheep have you?

Miss Peep.
The very very good girl.

Little Bo Peep
Fancy Free & Frilly
Not following the sheep


Cissy Crissy
Hello Mistress Christy,

I hope that you are enjoying your visits here at sissy kiss.

I am wondering about some of your comments about naught discusting sissies who frequent this site. I hope that I am not one of them but I will leave that judgement in your capable hands.

I think you are refering to sissies who never get out of the closet at all. Ones who fantasize but don't have the courage to do anything but wank in safety of their closet in their favorite panties they probably stole because the don't have the balls to go buy their own.

But then again sissies will always be pathic and could never or should never be confused for anything resembling manhood.

However some of us are better at embrasing our inner sissy side and letting her out for a little fun. I hope that I am one of the latter types, but again I will leave that judgement in your more qualified and capeable hands.

Here is some photo evidence of me embrasing my inner and outer sissy side.

This one is me with some freinds at a fetsih ball in Las Vegas

this one is me on stage with a host at a fetish ball in Phoenix. I won an award for this outfit that night.

This is me at a diffrent fetish ball in a diffrent outfit.

This is me and a freind participating in a pride parade in Long Beach CA

This is me voluntering to get my but beat by some misstresses at a fetish ball in Tuscon AZ.

This is me getting my photo before getting on a plane to Las Vegas with the gate agents who requested a photo with me.

This me entertaining some visitors on the strip in Las Vegas on Halloween wknd.

I think you get the idea from the photos I have posted. I have a lot more and diffrent outfits too. But again I will leave the judgements up to you on what kind of sissy I am.

PS I make all of my own outfits. I also made the purple oufit with the short black skirt that the misstress I am on stage with is wearing. Sorry the photo is not larger.
Being a sissy is soo much fun
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