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Hi everyone:) I'm just a newbie who just joined. I'm Susan or Suzie and I just want to release my inner baby girl. I hope I get to meet some great people on here. I'm basically a little girl who loves to wear thick diapers, pretty dresses, tights, mary janes and be loved and pampered:) Thank you for the welcome and I wuv you all *giggles *hugs xoxoxoxo
I'm a cute baby girl *giggle :)
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Baby Butch

Welcome to Sissy Kiss from a big baby!




thank you baby butch *giggles
I'm a cute baby girl *giggle :)
Princess Jaina
Welcome Suzie :-)

I enjoy many of the same things as you... diapers, pretty dresses, tights, mary janes, you name it.

Yep, a little girl in diapers... that's me!  Sounds like it's you too, so very nice to meet you :-)
Have courage and be kind... and may the Force be with you, always! 
Hello Suzie:

I too, love to wear diapers. I'm wearing one now, and loving every minute of the warmth, wetness, softness and peace and joy that a well-wetted diaper provides.

I like pretty girl clothes too. I just washed a bunch of skirts and dresses and tops in preparation for the upcoming Little Girl camp at Rainbow Mountain Resort, to be held at the end of October and beginning of November. Hopefully everything will work out ok - I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

Every Sunday I dehair my legs and arms. Don't you love it when you don't have all that yukky guy hair on your legs? I sure do! And pantyhose feels so divine when my legs are freshly dehaired.

So, welcome aboard. I hope you'll read us when you have the time, and feel free to participate in any of our discussions.


"Hmmmm....Dimples, curls, long and lucious eyeleashes....stuffed unicorn....must...resist...urges...too...strong!..." ~flits under the covers of her bed, dragging the pank-o-matic (patent pending) along.  Lines it up just right so as to make red panky marks on either side of that full, wet diadee...and squish the diadee in the process....after all, we must make the wee ones feel that they are loved...mustn't we?....fills up the gas tank and pulls the ripcord and wahoo!  It starts panking the little princess at 3000 panks per minute!....slips out in the commotion of others coming to see what's going on to find more victi...I mean darlings to love....~

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