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Hi, My name is Alex (OK, I know I need to think of a gurly name... Any suggestions??). I posted this once already, but evidently in the wrong place.  Oops.   I'm new to this site, but hope to become a regular contributing member.
At 6 foot even and 185, I'm not your typical gurly boi. I'm nowhere near passable. On my best day, I look like a guy in a dress.  I need help!

Wanna be friends? Wanna give me fashion advice??  Message me, tease me, flirt with me, I promise I'll respond

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Baby Butch
It certainly is more embarrassing to dress like a girl and still look like a guy. Welcome to Sissy Kiss and have a wonderful time here.

How about the name Alexandria for your girls name. I also like Alexis.
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