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Hello Everyone,
My name is Sonya and I am new to SissyKiss and also to expressing my sissy-side to others.

For the most part I have enjoyed aspects of sissyhood from the very beginning. I still remember stealing a pair of panties, for my own use, from my best friend's sister in fifth grade....and also saving my money as a young teenager to purchase diapers for myself at the local pharmacy.

However, since meeting and marrying my wife (who is also my Mistress), she has been able to slowly coax my sissy-side out into the open to ever increasing degrees. It all started simply enough a few months after we began dating....with a typical dare to wear a pair of her panties for the day. Of course I accepted the challenge and in so doing quickly obviated my interest in such escapades with an immediate orgasm in her panties.

This episode led my Mistress to increasingly dominant forms of feminization....a gift of 7 pairs of panties; the Fed-Ex delivery of a box containing a pack of adult diapers, a locking diaper cover, and a sissy dress to my house; and requests to insert butt plugs that occasionally increased in size into my backside.

My cheeks blush even now as I think of the night in which she convinced me to put on a red thong and then allow her to place a ball gag in my mouth before locking my wrists to my ankles with locking cuffs so that my backside was forced outward and upward as I lay on our bed. I remember the smirk on her face as she pulled out the new strap on from her dresser drawer and slowly put it on as she stood inches from my face.....

Needless to say, my wife brings out what at least she considers the best in me....her sissy slave Sonya.

Recently, and through her usual means, my Mistress "encouraged" me to sign up as a member on a website she said she had found on the internet. That site was of course SissyKiss.

I have finally summoned up the courage to take my Mistress' recommendation and am excited to be a new member here at SissyKiss.

I would love to hear from any of you and would love advice on how to best use this site to explore my feminine side and also how to be the perfect little sissy!

I enjoy aspects of the sissy world such as femdom, forced feminization and sissification, humiliation, age play, abdl play,bdsm, spanking, and even human pet play.

I look forward to meeting other sissies here ....especially those who might have something to teach me when it comes to being the perfect little sissy!!!

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Pink Balloon
Welcome, best thing I can say is just be yourself, and that's coming from a frilly balloon loving sissy.

And if I may just comment on how lucky you are, I truely hope to find such a wonderful woman some day. *giggle* 
@ Pink Balloon
Yes I definitely lucked out on that account!
Hi Sonya! It's a real pleasure to meet you. I love your intro, thank you so much for sharing. It means quite a lot to me as I have been married for many a year and my good lady is my strict but loving Mistress too. We've had tons of fun over the years but still find new ideas to play with. I truly wish you a wonderful life together.
  Anyway, here's a huge welcome to the site, have fun!
       Big hugs
    MU-WAH!!! luv and hugs from Kay Kandyfloss   xxx
welcome to sissykiss there is a chat room and you can read stories in the stories time and all they have ,,,, I am shamrock
HI,,,, I am shamrock & I am a male ,,,,  I wear diapers and i love to be bandaged up from head to toe by female nurses and diaper up like a baby girl by them too,,,,,,,,, THANK YOU ALL    
hi sonya i would love to know each other  
@ mistresssalvina
  hi sonia im new ready  to let my feminine loose
i would love to chat and ask your mistress to make you have a avon make over so you look sweet in your dress and diapers with long hair with bows in and holding a dolly 
Baby Butch
Welcome to Sissy Kiss from a big baby who wears diapers. Sounds like the gifts from the wife are just what you wanted and needed. Have a nice day!

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