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Hello sissy girls i am a. French sissy i'am young and motivated for discover the fabulous world of. Sissy. Sorry i have a little english but if is possible i would date some of you kissies sissy <3 
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Baby Butch
 Welcome to Sissy Kiss nice to meet you!

Perhaps you might make a good sissy French maid.

Enjoy your stay on the site and check out the various forums.

Hello French Sissy:

Thank you for joining our site. I hope you'll enjoy your participation here!

Lots of us first discovered the joy of femininity when, as children, we tried on our sisters or our mothers clothing. What was your first sissy experience?

I've had feminine feelings for as long as I can remember, but until the internet came along and I found others who had the  same feelings, I didn't understand what they were about. In addition to Sissykiss I participate on a site called Girltalk, which focuses on those with little girl feelings.

When you go to sleep tonight, may you dream of being young once again and being invited to one of your girl-classmates birthday party. May you be allowed to go to that party wearing a dress or skirt. And, in your dreams, may a young girl say to you how pretty your dress or skirt is.

I'm wearing a dress right now. It doesn't show very much of me, but makes me feel very graceful and feminine.

Sweetness and love,
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