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This story starts off with me as i once was when i discovered the girl inside me

When i was only 7 years old, i ended up finding a pair of old panties in my dresser (old dresser not even sure where or when it was put into my room) felt how soft they were. I thought why not, I stripped down to nothing and slid them up my thighs slowly absolutely in love with their softness.......

Would love to see where you girls take my humble beginnings

I was never complete until i tried on my first pair of panties.
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I was amzed at how well they fit me and how soft they were, it was as if I wasn't wearing anything at all. I looked inside another droor and found a cute pink and white dress. I figured "well if the first one fit....." and tried it on. Again I was amazed at the softness and was loving how comfy and cute I looked. as I put on the dress I noticed somthing printed on the drawer, a name.........

I'll hapilly join in and also am curious as to where it goes.
Anybody want to chat about anything just ask and i'll be there. Hugs and Kisses to all and to all a good night.
The name on the dresser was Emma I thought how quaint a little girls name I looked in the next drawer and found some blue tights so I slowly slid them up my legs it was blissful and I loved every minute of it.I wondered what I would find in the next drawer but as I was reaching for it...........
The door to my bedroom creaked slowly open. I was in such a shock at the prospect of being discovered in girl's clothes that I immediately felt a warm spreading across the crotch of the soft panties. And that was how my mother found me, a seven year old boy shaking in front of the dresser, a pool of wetness under my little girl outfit.

I began to cry,as I heard my mommy calling out EMMA.She knew my name was evan.Mommy came over to me and lifted up my dress,and said Emma,look you soak your panties.She then said it's ok,mommy knows how to deal with this.As she walked over to the light pink dresser,and opened the top drawer.She started pulling things out of it,and laying on the top of the dresser.I was sooo shocked to see baby powder,diaper pins,pink cloth diapers and pink rumba plastic panties.Mommy then turned to me,and placed a pink pacifier in my mouth.Mommy then whispered in my ear.......
"It's OK, sweetie," said Mommy, "this is a big day and maybe panties aren't such a good idea."  And quick as a fairy's wink I was dry and powdered and secure in heavy cloth diapers and pink plastic rhumba panties.  "I know that you're nervous about our first day in our new home.  Let's get you ready for the playground where my darling little Emma can meet some new friends!"

Faster than you can say "I love tutus", I was back in my pink and white dress, you could hardly see the rhumbas peaking out beneath the short hem, wearing anklets and Mary Janes, my pink paci clipped to a pink ribbon on my frilly collar, pink bows in my hair and we were on our way out the door.

"But, but my name is Evan!", I cried.  Doubt filled my mind.  "Isn't it?", I said as the door closed behind us.
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