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Hiya! My name's Michelle, and I'm new here! Today's my first official day of being a big babby!

I'm a sissy baby girl hoping to make fwends and have fun with some other sissy babbies. I'm a twans-feminine genderqueer to be more precise, but I pwefer to wound to "girl" when sissy-babbied out. When I'm not being a big baby, I often wike to be motherly to other sissies.

One big thing I'd wike is to learn to sew pwetty babby cwothes. Some adult baby dwesses are just so pwecious I could squee! I also love adorbs diapee covers too of course. It would make me a happy diapeebutt to sell babby cwothes some day.

In wuv I tend to wike either men or other pwetty sissies. <3

I'm always up to chat, too, sissybutts. <33
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Baby Butch
 Good to see another new member joining our community. : )

Welcome to Sissy Kiss!

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