The Neighbor's Solution
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Chris had always had a wetting problem, even into his teens. Try as he might, he just never seemed to be able to get to the bathroom before wetting his pants.

His mom had responded by putting him back in diapers and plastic pants, although his problem never really went away and she suspected he just wasn't making enough of an effort to stop his wetting.

Their next door neighbor Melissa was aware of his situation and she was even more skeptical that Chris was making the necessary effort needed to stop.
So it was that when his mom had to go out of town for a couple of weeks on business, Melissa volunteered to babysit Chris. She also said she'd take care of his wetting problem once and for all. When asked how she intended to achieve that, Melissa gave her a coy smile and said simply; 'leave that to me'.

Chris, while ashamed to be seen by his pretty neighbor wearing diapers, knew there was little he could do about the arrangement. But when she insisted on dressing him up in short t-shirts with no pants to cover his shameful diapers, he nearly threw a fit.

That was when Chris received his first spanking in years. And Melissa really knew how to weild her long wooden paddle, slapping his tender cheeks a fiery red and reducing him to tears in just a matter of moments. After that, Chris had a whole new respect for his slim, busty neighbor.

She informed him that from now on, he was to let her know whenever he had to go to the bathroom and if he failed, he could expect to get another trip over her lap.

But one day, while Melissa was working on her tan out by the pool, Chris simply forgot his new restrictions. One little tinkle led to a stronger surge and before he knew it, the front of his soft, fluffy diapers were completely soaked. And since his pink plastic pants were the only pants he had on, it was only a matter of time before Melissa found out.

Melissa's voice calling him outside abruptly brought him out of his reverie. It was with shaky legs that he reluctantly made his way to the patio outside where she was relaxing. Gazing first at the big wet spot in the front of his diapers and then up into his moistening eyes, Melissa's face held a look of disappointment.

"Well Baby Boy," she informed him, "Looks like you're going to be taking your nap today with a red, sore bottom."

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Oh, great, another Baby Bobby caption so soon after the last one. Great stuff, keep 'em coming. I love the humiliation aspects of your captions and I'm glad we have such a talented captioner on SK.
Jennifer Funshine
Well, your caption/short story really made me giggle with delight :)
I love being able to imagine myself in that kind of situation...
and when I finally saw your piccie at the end, I nearly wet myself!

Excellent job, Bobby!
wow what a lovly litle story, maybe the neighbour doen't mind the idea of a sissy baby girl to look after though :)
Wow what a great story!
Mina Silverwind
I am impressed with your great work, each caption you make is cool, and cute in their own way.
success is not how many times you win but is instead our ability to learn that we win by never giving up when times are tough.
Baby Bobby__
Thanks everyone, for your very kinds words.  

My wish is to amuse and entertain those of you with similar interests, and to that end, I have a new story I'm writing that [hopefully] you will be seeing shortly in the story section.
baby bobby u r the best keep up the great work
love the story
Keep up the good work.
Wish she was my neighbor and I needed to be paddled.
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