i needs advice
i'm thinking uv changing gender
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me can't sleep because me thinks me should bwe a real babie girl 
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I know how you feel. Sometimes I just hate the fact that in order to be an adult little sissy girl I have to sometimes act as an Adult. In a perfect world we would be able to be who we want to be all the time, but this world is far from perfect and those like us have to fight for what we want, and for what we know is fair and right.

You may not be able to be a real baby on the outside all the time, but do what you have to as an "adult", earn and fight for your beliefs, and those times you are yourself will be all the sweeter.
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i weally get frustrated with meself me feel like a girl in a boys bodey
mes would like other input two pwease help mes in search uv answers
I once was give some good advice on this subject talking to a trans i had just met. He said(FtM) that you should imagine your self as the other gender then imagine how you can never go back. After this judge your feelings and make a decision. But I would say just follow your heart and it will give you the right answer. If you need some one to talk to message me hun. luvs ya
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Ya that M/F buged hit me hard once as well. My GF at the time taught me a very good lesson on it lol. She asked if this is realy what I want then I need to see the good which I've have with the bad and she showed of being a women. She came to me with a drink in her hand and told me to drink it down or no more sex lol. I did and my gut bloted and cramped and I got all sorts of bad feelings. I ask what she did to me and what she gave me. She smiled and said conratz women you got yer 1st period lol. She mixed a bunch of herbs together that will hurt you like it does on a womens period so she says. If thats was the feeling you can have it imo lol. Next morning whe handed me another and I said no way Im good with that. She told now now this is going to go on for about a week lol. I had cramps and trying to do a Army Physical Fittness test not good lol failed big time. Got all bitchy cuz of it too lol. After that she asked me if I wanted the change I told her no and she said Good I realy don't think you'll be as happy as you are now. Be a Boy, Play like a Girl. Turer words would never hit my ears cuz I do like the Girly me but I also like the Boyish me as well tho. If you still want it and Realy want it tho Id say go for it and im behind ya 100% BIG HUGS.
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A good series of questions to ask yourself (being 100% honest, since you're not having to lie to anybody about it) is:

If you were given the option of waking up tomorrow with a female body and body chemistry, but you were never allowed to wear girl clothes or make up and everybody still treated you as a male without ever commenting on the physical change, would you be happier with that compromise than not having the option?

In your sexual fantasies, are you ever in a penetrative, male role?

Could you live as a celibate female, never again experiencing orgasm or sexual arousal?

Transition is a serious, lifechanging process. If you do some deep soul searching, and you still come to the conclusion that your gender identity feels wrong and you're not on some level seeking escapism (whether sexual or not), seek therapy as soon as you can and see if you can come to some conclusion about what you most identify as.

If either your therapist or doctor then recommends it (at this point you have to be pretty committed to finding out if being female 24/7 is right for you, since HRT has risks of severe health problems, especially if done without the care of a physician), you can do a 4-5 month trial of hormone therapy, and if it feels better being on female hormones than it ever did on male hormones you might want to pursue staying on them and following through with transition.

The most important thing is to never do anything permanent until you are 110% sure it is right for you. If you can be happy just spending personal time in a female role with people who are supportive of you and then spend time as a boy when necessary, you might not need chemical/surgical transition. I've been struggling recently with coming to terms with my gender identity, and I know it's something that's going to be very emotional and psychologically taxing.

There's some good reading at http://www.transsexual.org/ . Ultimately it comes down to an answer you'll find in yourself, but there's people and resources that can help.
Kawaii Pi
i was originally in the transitioning process and i was waiting for the ok ay from my therapiswt and my medical doctor, and they both denied because they said that because i was autistic, i wouldn't be able to handle the treatments without having another nervous breakdown. at the time i had only had one, but now i've had 4 and i do NOT want another one.

over the past few years since then, i've kind of regretted starting the process and for these reasons

1. it would have taken away a good chunk of my money (inheritance from a great grandparent)

2. the pressure would have been unbearable

3. once u start and they approve and it's complete, theirs no going back without spending another fortune again.

this is just a heads up sis, if this is really what u want then go for it, but remember to scale the pros and cons before u rush into it cuz i originally didn't.
 Hugs and kisses from Kawaii Pi! (Aura)
Little sissy boy
aw sis i'm so sorry i hope you can fall a sleep i wuv you

Sissy sister to Kawaii Pi and Diapeyboy21
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