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 Hi, I am a newbie to the whole adult baby scene but I stumbled across this site while browsing and I just had to explore. I think I may be an adult baby girl but I need some guidance as I know nothing of the scene or what it entails. I know I like being a little girl but I don't know why...aanybody who can give me help and advice would be most welcome. Although it feels right being a little girl, I feel guilty and stupid for wanting it...I hope joining this site will make me feel less so, chatting to likeminded people. Love Lil Kisses xxx
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Femme Boy
You've joined the right site LilKisses, you're in good company as there are members of SK that are little girls at heart. We probably have all forms of femmes here, we're a mixed group. I'm also sure that member littlegirl inside will reply to you and show you around.
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***Hugs and kisses***

I think many of us can appreciate how you feel. Though we may not have all of the answers, you couldn't have come to a more sympathetic place. There is lots of good information on the forum (especiall in the "Girlie Advice" thread") and please ask anything else that is troubling you, and you can't find information on. I for one don't mind answering PMs, if you're too shy to post questions in the forum. I do hope you have a wonderful time here, though. <3
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Well yes you are def in the right place. Feeling guilty and stupid for wanting to dress as a little girl is common, so don't worry about that. It's best not to dwell too much on why you like it, once you can accept it is a part of who you are, you can then learn to enjoy it and then explore your feelings more to see what aspect of being a little girl you like. Some sissies struggle with their feelings, whilst others find it easier, we are all different. I myself am a little girl at heart and once I had accepted that I was able to enjoy it. Now for me, being a little girl is my all, it is my life in so many ways, but for you it may be different. Some sissies just like to dress now and again and are happy with the balance between their guy self and their little girl self, some sissies however (like me) find it more difficult and prefer to be their little girl selves. But once you tap into that little girl inside of you, it is just so much fun!!

Please feel free to pm anytime you want to chat. x x x


Welcome to the site sweetie!! Hope you enjoy it!

Baby Makayla
Hi baby makayla
I used to be a man's man because of the way I was brought up not to show feelings but over the years I found that understanding why I needed to feel like a baby girl made me become a better person in my marriage and life over all. there are alot of topics I found on the web to help you understand what infantilism is all about and what they think causes use to become sissy babies, adult babies and diaper lovers. If it feels right then you should just be yourself and not worry about what other people think. I it make you happy being a girl than enjoy your life. I have injoyed every minute that I am dressed as a baby girl. Lots of love bay makayla
Sissy Jenni
Hi! Welcome!! Say, I didn't become a sissy until I found this site less than a year ago myslf. There is a lot of good info in the forum section, and plenty of people with good advice!! Have fun!! :)
Sissy Jenni
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