I need SHOEZ !!!!
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OK where a good place for really cute shoes all I seem to find is same ol stuff.

I need sissy shoez ???

Anybody??? Ideas ???? Links ?????
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I got these really cute pair of strappy heels at a second hand store, they are inb perfect condition and were really cheap. Sometimes you can get lucky like that at those stores, even with decent quality diapers for cheap.
I need new shoes, half because mine are worn out, and half because I'd like some girlish shoes that I can get away with wearing around even in guy mode.

Problem is I have size 12 (mens) feet and not too many stores carry shoes that big for females around here and I don't have a means of buying online right now.
And I thought I had a problem at men's UK size 9 (and my single pair of heels do, in fact, constrict me a tad viciously). Getting hold of something I could wear even in obligatory "guy mode" seems a good idea as well, now you mention it. I would like to apply that to my whole wardrobe, as I am never going to be going the full TG distance, but would like to feminise my day-to-day life as far as I can (in practical terms, without adopting a full feminine lifestyle, which regrettably is impossible for me).

Goth might offer some answers, as that is at least a field of fashion that affords some example of men's clothes designed specifically for prettiness. In that case, I might move into platform boots (which would at least be good training for the special occasions when I can wear real heels).
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Having small feet it's easier - hey I can get into 'Girls shoes' - but I understand where your coming from. You might try looking at the stores who deal with 'larger ladies' although much of that stuff isn't particularly sexy.
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