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Hello all this is my first new post, so please be gentle :)
I found a site ages ago called http://www.ineedamommy.com . it has videos for sale on it where a Mommy figure regresses an adult baby,. the camera is at the point of view of the baby so when Mommy says you're going back into diapers for wetting the bed it feels like she's talking to you. there's even one where she magically shrinks you (I've been told there will be more). You can buy the DVD's or single clips or for around 20 dollers you can subscribe. It's 20 Dollars a month BUT you can download all the past videos (and there are LOADS) and they are yours to keep and you can cancel at any time easily (I accidental cancelled by forgetting to updating my card details when i got a new one)

I had a quick look on the forum here and can't find a mention of them, so I thought I'd share. Try the site, to be honest the free trailers alone are fun :)
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Hey sissy-toddler-jen, thanks for the info.

Unfortunately, my recommendation isn't so glowing; I've seen quite a few of the site's videos and they're not so great. As well as a lot of them being very similar, I find very few of the actresses to be any good. Plus, the idea of the site is to make you, the viewer feel like a baby, right? Well then why do they insist on shaking or nodding the camera for yes and no, when the viewer can do that themselves? Even more worryingly is the cameraman/woman's hands or feet being visible at times -- sometimes intentionally -- and, on one occasion, making sound effects. That really made me cringe.
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