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Just a few rookie questions you expert sissies might be able to help me with
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I have been into the AB scene for a while and I have fully dived into that fantasy world.  Now I want to try to be a better sissy, I've always wanted to go into it more and thought I can try it out.  Yesterday, I went shopping and bought some fem things like panties.  Problem is, there are so many kinds of panties that I felt like I was taking way too long buying them I just picked a package and bought it (I was a nervous sissy!!).  The kind I bought were just typical cotton panties defined as hi-cut.

My question to you guys is: I want to go get more, this time in small size instead of medium, but I want to know what kind you recommend a rookie sissy to buy.  
Also, I have a training bra, but I would like a real bra. For one I can wear under my shirt without being too noticeable, which kind and size should I buy??
One more thing, any other things I should get that absolutely every sissy should have?

Thanks in advance! Kisses!
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An update: after trying on the medium hi-cut panties, I found out they were too big for me.  I found an awesome sissy shopping starter guide
I was able to size myself and figure out my female shoe size, bra size, panty size, blouse size, and dress size.  After writing it all down and making a shopping list, I was much less nervous and picked out a two pack bra set (wireless, easy to conceal), and a padded white bra. I also bought an 8 pack of panties (this time in the correct size), nude hosiery, a glamour magazine, and bubble bath. I recommend beginners use that website, it helped me a lot.
The wireless bras are not even noticeable under a shirt, so I think I will be able to wear panties and bra 24/7.

All in all: it is really fun being a sissy, and I am glad I made the step to finally try to go femme.
i'd say you basically covered it, but i'm not too experienced myself as i hardly have any spare money for shopping.
as to the website, it wants you to sign up...

I don't own the legend of zelda picture, found online.
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