XXX On a mission to train the perfect sissy.
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This is such a rich and diverse community - we wanted to post here to invite you all to apply to audition.

Are you a sissy girl, sissy maid, girly girl, or sissy slut? Do you take pride in your girly girl wardrobe, your sissy slut makeup artistry, your poise and decorum, your sissy maid domestic skills, or your humble ability to obey? Do your fantasies include the chance to serve a strict and demanding sissy training Mistress that will praise and punish and train you to be the very best sissy that you can be?

We are on a mission, searching the world to find, and train The Perfect Sissy. If you feel you have what it takes to be The Perfect Sissy go to to be considered for an official audition with The Perfect Sissy Casting Director. This could be your opportunity to show the world that YOU are The Perfect Sissy.

All applicants will be considered, some will be invited to audition. As with most contest formats, contestants will be moved on or eliminated by both a panel of judges and community members. The final contestants will spend a week living full time with professional trainers and competing in a variety of tasks.The winner will be chosen by the trainers and the community.
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These lovely people support all the features in Sissy Kiss to contribute to our community! So it would help so much if you could check them out, and say your from Sissy Kiss. Some even give discounts, or free gifts by mentioning it!
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K, so..... I've never heard of these people before, but on the very first page they want to know my real name, the city I live in, and stuff. I don't know that that's a great idea. Anyone know what this is all about and if it is legit?


Baby Butch
Welcome to Sissy Kiss, although I am not interested in your contest being more of an adult baby than perfect sissy. Good Luck to ya if you are for real.
Cissy Crissy
I must agree with you KitaSparkles not much to go on here.

Who are these people?

Where are the located?

Are they going to be doing some sort of reality TV or web broadcast?

When is the contest?

I must addmit it has peaked my curiosity.

I have a variety of sissy intrests some or all might fit into what they are looking for. Who knows?

I am very proud of my sissy wardrobe but since I made it all myself why would I not be.

I tried going to the web site to see if there was anymore info on this group but there was only a link to the audition application page that they have already provided.

Many sissies are totaly in the closet and would not be intrested at all. Many more of us are learley of online misstresses due to the fact that many are just out for our money and know little if nothing about our desires or lifestyle.

I know on the other hand many good, capable and qualifed misstresses are leary of online contact with submissives because some of us are only intested in sexual contact or sex. Misstresses are not whores! Shame on you if you think so.

Because of the aboved named communication difficulties of online lifestyle or fetish issues we need a bit more to go on. When and where is the contest? Do the participants need to be single? Young? What is the overall goal of the contest and it's sponsors? Is this contest intended to put our lifestyle in more of public eye. Are the trying to change, sway, form public opinion regarding our lifestyle?
If so in what way or ways are they hoping to present us to the public.

This could be very very good for out community as a whole. But it could also be very very very bad!!

I hope who ever made this post will come back and give us a little more to go on!

Here are a few photos of my sissy wardrobe and escapades.


Cissy Crissy
Being a sissy is soo much fun
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