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I'm in the process of writing a story, but I've become conflicted. Is it appropriate enough for this website?
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   I've been working on a story that I was hoping to post here on SK, but I'm starting to question whether or not it's appropriate enough for those who visit this site. The story has themes that do relate to SK: a desire to be a girl, magic, and transformation. However, there are quite a few mature themes that are in it: depression, self-hate, and self-harm. This is where I'm stumped. Is that really okay for a website like this? People want to read the stories posted here to escape from these things. They don't want to be reminded of them. But I feel like the story is coming together well and I want to see what people think about it. Should I post it as R18+ for the rating and with a trigger warning at the beginning so that people who don't want to read about that stuff don't have to? Or should I just not post it at all?
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Dear Chisaki,

    Not all the stories here are sweetness and light. Sometimes a storyteller needs to go to the darker side of life to gain redemption. We have all experienced depression, and self-hate at various times in our is a part of being human. Having these elements in a story makes it more realistic, and for some of us it makes it easier to relate to the characters through their imperfections. Sometimes it is the darker side of a character that unknowingly pulls us into the story. It can make us wonder about our own redemption, or perhaps a fall from grace.

     The best stories need a conflict, either internal or external to overcome or to adapt and grow. Some actions like self-harm are without a doubt very dark, but if it is to show a low point in their lives, there is nothing wrong with that, because it serves to magnify how far they have come or how far they have to go. However, if the point is to glorify self-harm and to promote this type of behavior, then it is best left out entirely. 

   It is one thing to show desperation, and it is another thing to promote it. I hope this helps you in your decision.

Huggs and Snuggs,

Alyssa Dee
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I agree with AlyssaDee.  All stories have different themes.  If you are worried about offending someone just post it at the beginning of the story.  I would be interested in reading it because right now I am in a very depressed stage of my life and maybe it would lift me up.
Baby Butch

As long as your story is somewhat related to what Sissy Kiss is about you should be fine. The characters would have to be all adult with an "R" rating.


I wrote a story about being depressed a long time ago. Please aviod excessive violence to be safe, a moderator will read your story for approval.

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